The garden, an initiation to ecotourism and agritourism.

Disconnect, relax, smell and enjoy …

botónBoth houses have access to the ecological garden-orchard. We have created two independent areas, which is not to say that they can’t be shared. Your children will be fully visible from the house while they make the most of the space provided for them.

Garden of 300 m2

(1)-Entrance. (2)-Tank for watering. (3)-Sheltered table. (4)-Direct access to the house “La Fuente”. (5)-Barbaque. (6)-Covered table. (7)-Astronomical observatory. (8)-Ecological kitchen garden. (9)-Swing.

garden of the ecotourism caño chico and la fuente
organic garden in a ecotourism, Salamanca

In the eco kitchen-garden of the houses you can learn the rudimentaries of ecological horticulture and also pick all fruits and vegetables you need.

Our ecological garden, a little paradise just for you

botónThis eco garden-orchard divided into two levels has provided for generation after generation of those who have cultivated it. The adjacent fountains and the good orientation make the soil fertile so that almost anything will grow there.

The garden has also been conceived as a leisure area while respecting its appearance and its functional origin. For this reason we have left some of the fruit trees and planted others. In the same way we have respected the space where the kitchen garden is located. We wanted this to be an agreeable place where forgotten smells and tastes could be re-discovered.

Discover Salamanca, you will not regret it!

Discover the universe and enjoy a sky without light pollution.

With our 20 and 50 cm diameter telescopes

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